Monday, December 29, 2008

Memorial for Mike Linz

Our memorial for Mike on Pearl Harbor Day was a very nice affair; thanks to everyone who made it, and thanks to Hoda for offering the use of her restaurant.  

My Velvia photos didn't turn out so well, but Sue Ann Strutz asked if I might scan the photo of Mike I brought to the memorial at Corosh. It's on the way, Sue Ann.  The picture appears above; it was taken when Mike was roughly 17 years old. I'm not sure who the photographer was, although I am told it was Terry Murphy.  

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An informal memorial service for Mike Linz will be held at Corosh restaurant, 1072 N. Milwaukee Ave, in Chicago, this coming Pearl Harbor Day.  (You know when that is, right?)  We will get together upstairs at 3:00 pm and will stay until 5:00 or perhaps 5:30. This is a new time, two hours later than the previous slot.  Bring your Mike stories - nearly everyone is coming!  Just tell the hostess that you are there for the Mike's memorial, and she will show you up.