Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What professionals drink in Baku

Actual dialogue, sometime in July, 2006, my apartment in Baku’s Old City

The characters:

Zarina (my goofy friend, see post below entitled “Why I have a laptop…”)

Karl (me)


ZARINA: Bunny, get me something cold to drink!

KARL: Do I have to do everything for you? Look in the refrigerator. I think there’s some iced tea in there.


ZARINA (holding up a bottle of German beer): Hey, what’s this?

KARL: Put that back! I’m saving it!

ZARINA: But what is it?!

KARL: That’s Spaten. It’s a very good German beer, and we are lucky to be able to buy it here in Baku.

ZARINA: I will drink it!

KARL: No, you won’t. It’s the only bottle I have, and there are two perfectly good cans of iced tea in there.

ZARINA: But Bunny!

KARL: Have an iced tea!


ZARINA: Mmmmmmmmmm! Bunny, this is really good.

KARL: Glad you like it.

ZARINA: What's it called again?

KARL: Spaten.


ZARINA: Bunny, you have to help me decide what to do!

KARL: What do you mean?

ZARINA: Like, what can I do for a job?

KARL: I told you before, work at a tour company. Your English is excellent, and you will meet many interesting people.

ZARINA: I know what I can be!

KARL: What?

ZARINA: I will be a "professional nervous disturber!"

KARL: A "professional nervous disturber?" That's perfect for you!

ZARINA: I know! That's why I say it!