Saturday, April 07, 2007

So a Wahhabi and a Georgian walk into a bar...

My friend Nazila is studying and living in Prague, far from her home in Baku. I visited her in the Czech Republic on my way back to the US in August. One day in Podebrady where we were having dinner, she told me a very amusing joke, which she made up herself! Honestly!

Her jokes suffer occasionally from imperfect self-translation into English, so we took several days of fine-tuning via email to get it right, but I think you will agree that it has a zen-like “chicken and egg” quality to it:

These Georgian guys were visiting Baku, and they all had beards – just like Wahhabis. So I asked them, “Hey why do you Georgian guys have beards?”

And they said, “We are just trying to look like you Azeris.”

And I said, “What are you talking about? Azeri guys shave!”

But they said, “We have seen them when they visit Tbilisi, and they all have beards!”

So I answered them by saying, “Well, that’s because those Azeri guys in Georgia are influenced by you!”

(Are you laughing?)