Sunday, December 17, 2006

Baku people, young and old

Three random shots of people from Baku. The little girl is the daughter of the guy who runs the carpet shop around the corner from my flat in Icheri Sheher.

The second shot is at the produce market near my first apartment on Fizuli Street near Razul Rasa. You walk through the grounds of a sprawling police station to get to the market, which is incredibly colorful, with oranges, apples, bananas on display everywhere (even in the trunk of an old Gaz Volga). What struck me about these two as I chatted with them is how much this man loves his son - of course, I printed the picture the next day and gave it to them.

The old man was attending an opposition rally last autumn and practically begged me to take his picture. I was reluctant since I had a limited supply of film, but gave in. Glad I did...